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Sunday, February 18th 2018

Is short term trading stressing you out a little or would you like to supplement it with some longer term stuff? If this describes you or if you are just looking for something different, you have come to the right place and I believe I've got you covered.

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BinOps for Nadex

 Trader Ed New SystemGreetings to All From Trader Ed,


I'm back to bring you all something that I have had numerous requests from my loyal clients for and am sure that many of you that don't know me have been looking for also. And that of course is a longer term reliable binary options trading system.  We have been working on it for quite awhile now and although it's impossible for me to guaranty that you will be a consistent winner, I have had a hard time to find a losing trade when traded properly according to the rules. I didn't create this system to replace short term trading by no means, especially in my own case because I realize that we are trading to make money but heck, we've got to have some fun too, right? This baby should be easy for both you guys that are pros to trade and also for the newer traders that are just starting out.

For those of you that don't know me yet, here's a bit of autobiography. I guess I started trading about 20 years ago. I first started trading options on commodities by telephone with my broker. A little while after it came online for trading but internet connections were so slow that we traded online with our telephone in the other hand. Then Forex trading came online and it was much easier to trade and profit with paying less in commissions to the brokers. I started experiencing a whole lot of problems with systems that didn't work at all as described by the sellers, so I got into creating my own manual systems, especially after blowing a fairly large account with a forex broker trading a robot or what sometimes are called EA's.

To make a long story short, along came binary options, heck you win just by predicting up or down and specifying a time limit, right? Well we've all learned that it isn't quite that easy. We need a good technical trading system, a little common sense and the right psychological attitude. We try our best to give you all that between our awesome trading systems, our Ebook "The Simple Art of Trading" that, by the way, you can pickup HERE completely free of charge and last but not least, my personal unlimited email support. O.K. without further ado, lets find out what this long term trading system is all about.

The 1-2 Punch uses the 15 minute MT4 chart to generate a 1 hour and a 2 hour binary options expiry trade at the same time. I like to trade both at the same time but one could choose to trade only the 1 hour expiry or the 2 hour expiry depending on your personal preference. This makes it a very good system for trading with the U.S. based Nadex broker if you so desire as I have had many requests for this. If you're like me and prefer the offshore brokers, I will provide and excellent one with those 2 expiry times and also a free no strings, no deposit unlimited demo account in the system's User Guide. This way you can familiarize yourself and practice with the system without risk of losing real money. Well as always, I believe that pics and explanations go a lot longer way to show you this system's possibilities than words alone. So here we go with the first chart pic.

Nadex Binary Options ChartO.K. we start off with a bang. Here we have the Euro/Dollar with 14 trades in about 14 hours, trading the doubles 1 hour and 2 hour expiry at the same time. I like to trade it this way because this sucker is awesome! Its hard to find a losing trade, honestly. We had one that was probably a tie but it was so close, it could have gone either way. This longer term binary options system is great for trading the U.S. based Nadex broker but if you are like me and prefer offshore brokers, I will reveal a really good one in the User's Guide that will give you a free, no strings attached, no deposit, unlimited demo account that has the 1 and 2 hour expiration times. Note that this system can be traded by anyone regardless of your daily schedule. The pic above starts off with a trade during the Asian session and continues to have trades into the London session that follows and also into the New York session. So what am I saying? Now "You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too" Is that cool or what? Hey, there is more good stuff to come.

AUDUSD Binary Trades

Let's take a look at a different pair this time, the Aussie/Dollar. Now we have a dozen trades in as many hours, 12 of them to be exact. At the expense of alienating all you naysayers, guess what? All beautiful winners, that's right all ITM's. These all took place during the London and New York sessions. My vertical white lines represent your cross-hairs when confirming a generated trade. The hollow arrows are to point out the trades and expiries to you, they will not be on your actual trading charts. Another of my famous K.I.S.S. strategies. You receive an audible/text box alert along with an arrow up or down. You wait for a specific thing to happen which will be explained fully in the guide. You line up your cross-hairs to confirm the trade, place it and your done. You can do other things on your computer such as some short term trading with my Turbo 5 or Rebel Spirit systems while you wait for another alert or you can catch 40 winks, your call. It just don't get any easier than this. Can you say "No Brainer?" Wow! Let's look at another beauty.

Euro/Dollar 1 Hour 2 Hour Trades

Here we go. I'm sure you have already noticed that in this pic, I have reduced the size of the candles to get more in. There's a reason for my madness, hold on! We have a total of 16 trades here and yes you guessed it, all "In The Money" WINNERS! Now here is where this incredible system refuses to conform to the norm. Most of you, I'm sure are aware that we usually avoid trading Friday evenings, Sunday evenings and often with extra caution on Monday mornings. This is especially true with short term trading systems. Not with this baby! In the above pic there are trades Friday and Sunday evenings and of course on Monday. If that doesn't get you excited, you better check to see if your heart is beating (ha,ha). Don't make it a habit to trade these unstable times but HEY! when you have to, go for it. You can scroll down to the big orange button now and purchase or you can check out a couple more pics.

More Long Term Binary Trade Pics

Euro/Dollar again. Another dozen trades in a little longer period of time, about 18 hours. And yes, I know it is hard to believe but all winners again. It's all there in black, red and green, the charts don't lie. These charts cover a random period of close to 3 months so, excuse my English but "they ain't no flukes". But for you hard to convince, old pro traders, I'll show you 1 more chart. LOL

Trading Chart

Hey, I'm excited, I found a couple  of losers! A dozen trades in a dozen hours with 2 losers. A lousy 83% win ratio (ha,ha). Again on the eur/usd, a whole lot of good trades on the Euro/Dollar during London and New York sessions trading. This is the last chart pic.

This system will work with most pairs but I suggest that you don't trade any pairs that have more than a 3 or 4 pips max fixed forex spread because it can have a negative affect on binary options trading. Now here is some info that will also be covered  in the User Guide. I have designed this amazing system to accomodate all levels of risk takers, from the newer guys that are not quite sure of themselves to the super cautious old pros.

Here is how it plays out. In the trades above you have seen that the winning ratio is phenomenal! I know I will receive emails at support that will say, "Ed when I try to enter the trade on that first generation candle, the CMA lines are slow to cross and the filter bar keeps changing color." And guess what, that does happen at times, so what do you do? Well if you scroll back up and look at the charts more closely, you will notice that at least on about 80% of the trades, you could have entered anywhere on that candle after it had settled down and still won the trades. Or even if you entered on the opening of the next candle if everything lined up, you would have won close to 80% of the trades also. So what are you saying, Ed? I'm saying that you would still be close to an 80% win ratio which will make you money all day long.

Now this is how you see it above which is taking all generated trades on the M15 chart. But, guess what again? I'm an ex-helicopter pilot and I had an old instructor pilot when I was going through flight school that liked to tell us this little piece of wisdom before we left for Vietnam. He quoted that "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old, bold pilots." Taking this into consideration I have made two less risky ways that one might trade this system depending on your level of risk tolerance. They go from less risky to very, very little risk. Now I was a little bit of a bolder pilot and I'm still here. I also have quite a bit of trading experience so I like to trade it as above but we are all unique traders, so here's what could be done.

Depending on the amount of insurance you desire, you could place a white vertical line through the proposed entry candle on the M15 chart and click on the M30 chart. We are only looking for the color of the candle and the filter bar to agree to take the trade. More insurance? We also click on the H1 chart and if the candle color and filter bar agree, we jump in for a very, very safe trade. So that gives you 3 different levels of risk according to your risk tolerance or appetite. Below are 3 charts showing this process for the same call and put trades on the eur/usd.

Risk Level 15 EurUsd



My Closing Statements

Hey, am I beginning to sound like a lawyer or what? (heh,heh) Anyhow, you came, you saw and you will conquer when you purchase this great longer term binary options trading system. I am not trying to inundate you with a bunch of different systems but the only way to do well with a manual trading system is trading one that was specifically designed for that purpose. For this reason, I keep my prices very reasonable. At least I think so after seeing some of the prices seller's are charging for in many cases, systems that are far inferior to the ones I create for you. We could not afford to keep our systems at $37. and continue the unlimited personal email support that I provide. Our last system, the Rebel Spirit was and is still $67. because so much time and effort went into it.

O.K. I have decided to give you all a break and have priced this new longer term binary options trading system at a measly, peasly $55. for a very limited time! That is an absolute pittance compared to the abundant profits that are possible trading this fantastic system. So, HEY, what are you doing here? Get down to that big orange button and do something that can change your life! I look forward to seeing you on the other side. This system will be delivered to you automatically as soon as you make your Paypal purchase no matter what time it is in the part of our wonderful world that you live in. What else can I say except "GET IT NOW!"

May All Your Trading Days Be Successful and Pleasurable

Ciao for Now, Trader Ed BELCHER

"Refund Policy:  There are no refunds due to this being a digital product.  If you cannot accept this policy,

do not purchase my product.  By purchasing my products you are accepting my refund policy."

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